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Accurate data straight from the local listings. Many other real estate sites display listings that are no longer for sale.

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Why is this real estate search different? is different than typical real estate search solutions. Unlike many popular real estate search sites, our system taps the local listings database and updates every few minutes. This means much more accurate data so you'll never miss an opportunity or waste time looking at homes that are no longer available.


Before our family moved to Austin, Tx, a couple of years ago, we met Tom Cantalini as he helped us find a piece of land where we could build our home. Later, he also helped us go through the whole proccess of building, from finding the right home designer and builder to the completion of the project, always acting with the highest professionalism and going beyond his responsibilities to protect our interests and ensure that we meet our expectations.

Manuel A.  Eanes ISD-Seven Oaks


 Tom Can talini is the only real estate agent we have engaged since 2011. However, during that time, we have bought two homes and sold another. Each time Tom managed our sales, he embodied professionalism in guiding us toward hassle-free closings.  He was timely in his communications, and knows well the paperwork that has to be in order to proceed efficiently. When we surveyed homes to buy, Tom was flexible, highlighting more than one way of meeting our goals. Most recently, we were convinced we wanted to purchase a new home. Tom gently steered us toward a better-built resale which was in pristine condition, which also backed on the desirable greenbelt. This change in plans saved us thousands of dollars. Tom is trustworthy and diligent, and we would not hesitate to recommend him or engage him again, should the need arise.

Diane P. Cedar Park

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